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Insurance Speak: Deductible, copay, premiums, what??

The health insurance representative told my patient that she has a $30 dollars copay per physical therapy visit. That seemed simple enough, and she started coming for treatment and feeling better. A Few visits later, after the insurance processed some claims, she learned that the insurance is […]

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Winter Exercise Tips

Winter Exercise Tips

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Hold You Back: Exercise Tips For Chilly Conditions We have had one of the coldest winters in recent memory. And although staying in for a few snow days might be a welcomed break, after a little while cabin fever sets in, not […]

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She is truly exceptional in so many ways. Her professional approach, knowledge and skills were immediately apparent. She took the time to listen and to analyze my complaints and ultimately was able to help and relieve my discomfort.

Faye L D.C.

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