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Insurance Speak: Deductible, copay, premiums, what??

The health insurance representative told my patient that she has a $30 dollars copay per physical therapy visit. That seemed simple enough, and she started coming for treatment and feeling better. A Few visits later, after the insurance processed some claims, she learned that the insurance is […]

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Winter Exercise Tips

Winter Exercise Tips

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Hold You Back: Exercise Tips For Chilly Conditions We have had one of the coldest winters in recent memory. And although staying in for a few snow days might be a welcomed break, after a little while cabin fever sets in, not […]

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Chili always was upbeat, positive and encouraging and reassured me that I would get back. She also always came up with challenging and innovative approaches to help me recover and help ease pain. I am now running again, taking Barre classes and doing yoga...I am grateful for all her hard work, forward thinking and perseverance.

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